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Current Projects

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Engage Society for Risk Awareness and Resilience

(Horizon 2020 Project, Funded by the EU, 4,864,205€)

Leading The AI, Chatbots, UX, SNS and Communication Channels Research

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Since June 2020

Evaluating Information Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic in Israel

(Funded by The Israel National Institute For Health Policy Research)

Leading the Mis-information, Fake News Data Mining and Surveying Research


Since June 2020

Developing Privacy Tools for Children and Adolescents

Project Coordinator

Since JanuARY 2020


Evaluating the Communication Strategy of Peace Organizations

(Funded by The Tamy Steinmetz Center for Peace)

Leading the National Survey and Qualitative Interviews.

Since December 2018


Past Projects

(Partial List)

Evaluating The Effect of Information Seeking Strategies on Knowledge Acquisition of Adults and Youth

Doctoral Dissertation

Blue download folder

Between 2012-2018

Developing Mobile Apps for Reducing Distraction While Driving

(Funded by the Israeli Insurance Companies Fund)


Leading the Qualitative Study UX Study & A Researcher in the Survey and Experiment Team

Between 2015-2017

The National Program for Healthy and Active Life ("EfshariBari")

(Funded by the Ministries of Health, Education & Sport)

Head of Field Research, Social Marketing Manager & Tech Researcher. A Member of the Development Team of the Digital Toolbox for Healthy Work Places and EfshariBari Website


Between 2013-2015

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Creating UX Guidelines of a Website Providing Health Information for The Ethiopian Community

Leading a Team of Interviewers

Between 2011-2012


Investigating the Acceptance of a Driving Monitoring Device ("Green Box") Aimed at Documenting Young Drivers' Driving Behavior



Between 2009-2010

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